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EL-Wire Signs

12" x 12" EL-Wire Illuminated Corrugated Plastic Sign
$149.99 each

18" x 24" EL-Wire Illuminated Corrugated Plastic Sign
$159.99 each

20" x 26" EL-Wire Illuminated Corrugated Plastic Sign
$199.99 each


24" x 36" EL-Wire Illuminated Corrugated Plastic Sign
$209.99 each


26" x 38" EL-Wire Illuminated Corrugated Plastic Sign
$249.99 each


48" x 96" EL-Wire Illuminated Corrugated Plastic Sign
$779.99 each



EL-Wire Facts
EL-Wire Neons
•The EL-Wire neons we use are high bright and have a life of 25,000 hours.
El-Wire vs. Traditional Neon Signs
•El-Wire uses 1/10th of the power of a traditonal neon sign.
•El-Wire is flexible so any style of font can be used.
•El-Wire does not get hot and is much lighter than traditional neon signs.
did you know?
The invention of neon signs is credited to Georges Claude and the first public display of a neon sign was of two 38-foot long tubes in December of 1910 at the Paris Expo. The first commercial sign was sold by Jaques Fonseque, Claude’s associate, in 1912 to a Paris barber.
Backing Materials
Corrugated plastic:
Rugged, lightweight, and cost effective, this material is well suited to long term indoor and short term outdoor use. Its surface is not affected by most oils, solvents or water, and it cleans easily. Corrugated plastic is aligned with flutes that run horizontally or vertically across the width of the sign. There is a slight detection of lines when looking at the material. Sizes from 12" x 12" to 48" x 96".

Expanded PVC:
This product is best suited for long-term indoor or very short-term outdoor applications. This is one of our most popular base materials for indoor signs, because the finish is smooth and graphics and text look great printed on it!  When used outdoors, it must be sheltered and used in low-humidity areas, as it may absorb moisture and mildew when left exposed. Without proper handling it can be scratched. Expanded PVC is also known as foam PVC or foam core and is an excellent base material for indoor use. Coolightwest does not recommend using expanded PVC outdoors. Sizes from 12" x 12" to 48" x 96".

Our wood material is also called Medium Density Overlay or MDO, and is a dense plywood with a very thin film on either one or both sides. Its rigid, flat surface is ideal for printing graphics or painting. This is a great material for indoor or outdoor use. Sizes up to 48" x 120".

Dibond® aluminum:
Dibond ® consists of an aluminum outer surface permanently bonded to a solid polyethylene core. This is an excellent material for permanent outdoor use! Costs are higher but longevity is increased. This is a custom order product only, since demand is not as great as for the other base materials. It also requires additional time to create an illuminated sign on this material, since all of the holes for the EL-Wire must be drilled and deburred. The standard color is white on both sides. Sized at 2mm, 3mm, and 4mm thick and up to 48" x 96".
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